SOFT LIGHTS (provisional title)

A documentary about life in contemporary Athens

by Giannis Misouridis and Christos Chrissopoulos



The camera follows a writer as he rambles in crisis-stricken Athens searching for a long-lost friend, thusly discovering the inner life of the city streets in a metropolis full of contradictions and energy.



K –our main character– is a writer. Recently, he often abandons his writing desk and goes down the city streets, wandering through the center of Athens. He feels that there, he will meet a mysterious person he was once close to, and has long vanished without leaving any trace behind. This person had a nickname, he was called: “The spider”.  K's hopes of finding him were renewed from the moment he saw the stamp of a spider among the many graffiti marks on the city walls. The significance this person had for K, makes him abandon the book he is writing and sink ever more into this quest, which leads to sinking even deeper into the streets. He wonders if the “spider” is now one of the many homeless in Athens, a marginal wanderer or even one of the thousands who desperately wander in the city at nights. K. has in his possession a few old photographs, showing the face of the “spider” – as he once was. 

K, divides the city into separate sections in planning his explorations and with the pictures in hand, he approaches several faces randomly on the street and asks them about the “spider”. The search does not seem to lead anywhere conclusively. K's flanerie brings to the surface several stories that circulate in the streets, urban myths, real events and fantasies born in the minds of the people he comes close to. Whatever information he collects, it will later prove to be unfounded. K. is lost in an urban maze.

Nevertheless, this search has already become the reason for K. to get to know and connect with some of these street characters. At the same time, he has begun to sense that, while he was the one initially observing the movements of the street people, in turn, he is now himself  the subject of observation by the city itself. 

One day K. attends a book presentation in which he was invited to talk. Suddenly, a man for the audience is addressing him publicly, asking him what he is looking for, and whether –in fact– is he not looking for his own identity in the city streets. The stranger tells K., he has been stalking him for a long time. At the end of the presentation, K., attempts to follow the unknown man who disappears in the streets of the Athens....



Several hours of raw footage have been shot in the course of five years, and several characters –true people living in the streets of Athens– have been followed for an equal amount of time, comprising a living diary of the way Athens has been transformed through the last years. The individual human stories are blended together to form the manifold biography of the city.



Central Athens 2014–2017

Giannis Misouridis is a documentary filmmaker best known for his films “Lost Bodies” (2011), “Konstantinoupoleos” (2011), “About the end of the world” (2014) and “Mieko” (2009). His films have been screened at festivals in Greece and abroad (including the Thessaloniki International Documentary Festival, IDFA, ZagrebDox, LGFF and others) and have been awarded several prizes for best film, art direction, and sound design. He worked extensively for Greek and international TV productions and was collaborating with performance and visual artists. His book Kimono was published in 2015 by Concept Books (@fairead).

Christos Chrissopoulos, born in 1968 in Athens, is a novelist and essayist. He has published fourteen books, most recently A Flashlight Between the Teeth (Polis, 2012), and The Body of Tirhtankara (Nefeli, 2014). He has received a number of grants and awards, including the Academy of Athens Prize in 2008 and the prizes Laure-Bataillon (France, 2013) and Balkanika (2015). His work is available in several languages. He teaches writing in Athens and is a member of the European Cultural Parliament (ECP).

An earlier novel by Christos Chrissopoulos, The Parthenon Bomber, was published by Penguin Random House in 2017 and was also published in France by Actes Sud in 2012. 

Marseille toujours (film treatment)