DAVID BOWIE / Looking for Starman

by Maria Markouli


Starman, I am losing contact. What is your location!

No response. Starman is nowhere to be seen. Yet his traces are everywhere. Music and verse, songs that change people’s lives, legendary appearances, different characters, sound and image – sometimes all too clearly, sometimes in the form of a riddle.

A story about David Bowie.

An adventure which unfolds like a crime story where pop culture interfaces with science fantasy and reality crosses over into fiction.

Maria Markouli has been assigned a mission, to locate Starman.

“I said OK.” That is what I do, after all, solve mysteries. Maybe not always with success, but I’m not a complete flop either. Nobody’s perfect. So, Rock ’N Roll With Me.”

Maria Markouli has worked in the cultural news section of the newspaper Ta Nea. She has collaborated with magazines and TV. She has had a collection of short stories published, Drive-In, as well as books about Elvis Presley, John Lennon, Bob Dylan. Her short stories appear in various anthologies. Her Internet project is at mariamarkouli.com

Maria Markouli
Looking for Starman


Pages: 80
Dimensions: 12,2x17,5cm
Catalogue Price in Greece (incl. VAT 6%): € 8,90

Series: FAIREAD / Pop

Cover Image: NASA
Design and typography: P. Douvitsas